Physical Therapy Exercises to Prevent and Treat Sprains

muscle strains and sprian by laclinicasc

A sprain occurs when the ligaments (strong connective tissues that keep bones together) of a joint are stretched or torn.

A physical therapist will help you restore motion to the injured muscle strains and sprian by laclinicasc. They also teach you how to prevent sprains in the future if you don’t get the proper treatment after spraining a joint its more likely to happen again.


Stretching is an exercise that lengthens your muscles and increases their flexibility. Flexibility is essential for maintaining a healthy range of motion in your joints according to Harvard Medical School.

However, stretching can increase your risk of injury if it is not done correctly. To avoid this, warm up your muscles with light exercise before stretching.

Alternatively, stretch after your workout when they are warm this will also allow your muscles to release more quickly so you can find more movement in the position.

One of the most common mistakes people make when stretching is holding their breath while doing it. Holding your breath causes tension in the muscles which makes it harder to stretch.


Strengthening exercises help to build muscle power and can strengthen weakened muscles around a joint helping to …